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We offer expert craftsmanship, superior quality, and a personalized service to all of our Florida window customers.


Monthly payments that are not based on your credit score. 


Begin financing without any initial payment. 


Quick and easy processing without regard to past credit history.

High Quality Impact Windows

When you live in Florida, it is important that you have the proper protection for your home. 

Your home is where your heart and spirit dwell. It is the sanctuary where years of priceless memories are made and kept safe. Protecting your family is as important to us as it is to you. It’s human nature to assume that your windows and doors are fine, but can you tell just by looking at them if they are installed properly? Do you know what to look for? With Green Solutions, there is never a doubt. We approach each project with a sense of ownership and pride in workmanship that you can trust.

New Roof as little as $49 a month


Quality Life for You and Your Family


With our custom-designed hurricane windows and impact glass door, you will no longer have to worry about extreme weather conditions. In addition, you will no longer have the deal with the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels. Hurricane windows and impact glass door are built with a PVB interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass which makes break-ins difficult.

Weather Protection

The best roofing materials that can stand up against intense South Florida Weather

Lower Energy Costs

Let the savings roll in with lower energy bills.

Aesthetic Value

Boost your home's curb appeal with our beautiful windows

Low Installation Costs

Save when you upgrade your roof with us.

Solar Protection

Designed to last and protect against UV rays.

Home Security

Increase the safety of your home with our impact windows.

Make your home secure and complete with our impact windows.

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